GPSMAP 78sc is the Perfect Companion in all Outdoor Pursuits


The GPSMAP 78sc is a hand-held worldwide shaded relief base map for boaters and water sports enthusiasts who want to run with the best of them. It is slim and lightweight and floats on water. It is intentionally large, though not too big, to give internal air space for water flotation ability. Its control buttons are located at the screen top. It is very fast in finding satellites and screen display switching.

The GPSMAP 78sc includes pre-loaded U.S. coastal blue chart g2 data including AK, HI and Bahamas, for a great day on the waters and the City Navigator NT map data for road turn-by-turn routing. It features a 3-axis compass, a barometric altimeter, a crisp coloured mapping, a high-sensitivity receiver and new moulded rubber side grips. It also provides a micro-SD card slot for loading additional maps. It is the perfect companion for all your outdoor pursuits.Get this great  GPSMAP 78sc on sale here!



The tilt-compensated 3-axis electronic compass of the GPSMAP 78sc is set for quick calibration and quick movement reaction and accurate. It offers an option for map orientation to either compass heading, i.e. the direction you point the unit or from the track, i.e. the direction you are moving in that is oriented up.

Marine Functions

The GPSMAP 78sc has a “Man Overboard” button that marks the position when pressed and held. It also gives you the option to immediately navigate back to the marked position. It also has an “Anchor Drag” alarm and low and high water depth alarms, that key off the chart depth readings from low tide. All these alarms can be adjusted by the user. Its pre-loaded g2 coastal marine charts are very readable in the bright sunlight.

Data Sharing

Sharing data with your friends is easy with the GPSMAP 78sc. You can share your waypoints, tracks, routes and geo-caches with users of other compatible devices. You can also send your favourite fishing spot location to a friend. This will assist him to easily find where you actually are. Transferring of information from your GPSMAP 78sc to similar units is a matter of pressing ‘SEND’ in your unit.

GPSMAP 78sc – Geo-caching

The GPSMAP 78sc supports the geo-caching of GPX files, designed for geo-cache and detail download straight to your unit. Hunting for caches is just a simple upload of the GPX file to your unit.

Paperless System

The GPSMAP 78sc stores and displays key information. This includes location, terrain, difficulty, hints and descriptions. This eliminates manual entry of coordinates and paper print outs. The unit offers efficiency improvement and environmental care by your going paperless.

Map Adding

The addition of more maps in your GPSMAP 78sc is easy with Garmin’s wide array of detailed marine, topographic and road maps, all available on micro-SD cards. The location of the card slot inside the waterproof battery compartment of the unit ensures its not getting wet.

The GPSMAP 78sc also supports the Birds-Eye Satellite Imagery for satellite image download to your unit for consequent map integration. A subscription to the Birds-Eye Satellite Imagery system is required, though.

The GPSMAP 78sc is also compatible with Custom Maps, a free software for paper and electronic map transformation into downloadable maps for your unit.

Specifications of GPSMAP 78sc

Physique & Performance

The dimensions of the GPSMAP 78sc in width by height by depth is 2.6” x 6.0” x 1.2” or 6.6 cm. x 15.2cm x 3.0 cm. Its display size in width by height is 1.6” x 2.2” or 4.1 cm. x 5.6 cm. Its diagonal display size is 6.6 cm. Its display type is a transflective 65-L colour TFT with a display resolution in width by height of 160 pixels x 240 pixels.

The GPSMAP 78sc weighs 7.7 ounces or 218.3 grams, including its 2 AA batteries with a 20-hour battery life. The batteries are not included in the unit purchase. NiMH or Lithium batteries are recommended for use with the unit.

The GPSMAP 78sc is IPX7 waterproof and floats on water. It has a high-sensitivity receiver and is high-speed USB and NMEA 0183 compatible.

Maps and Memory

The GPSMAP 78sc is a base map with a built-in memory of 1.7 GB. It is capable of map upgrade through its micro-SD card slot. The micro-SD card does not come with the purchase of the unit.

The GPSMAP 78sc can store up to 2,000 waypoints, favourites and locations and 200 routes. It can store a track log up to 10,000 points and 200 saved tracks.

Features of GPSMAP 78sc

The GPSMAP 78sc offers automatic routing, i.e. road turn-by-turn routing, with optional mapping for detailed roads, a tilt-compensated 3-axis electronic compass and a barometric altimeter.

The GPSMAP 78sc is paperless and therefore geo-caching friendly and is compatible with the Custom Maps software. It can do photo navigation, i.e. navigate to geo-tagged photos. It provides a hunt and fish calendar, sun and moon information, tide tables and area calculation.

The GPSMAP 78sc has custom POIs, i.e. ability to add additional points of interest, unit-to-unit transfer, i.e. wireless data sharing with similar units. It is compatible with Garmin Connect, i.e. an online community for data analysis, categorization and sharing.

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