GPSMAP 78sc reviews say GPSMAP 78sc is probably the Best Marine Handheld GPS by Garmin

GPSMAP 78sc Reviews

The GPSMAP 78sc Reviews say that the GPSMAP 78sc floats on water and employs real buttons for menu access instead of a touch screen. Its size and its layout is similar to its predecessor the GPSMAP 76s.

According to the GPSMAP 78sc Reviews the GPSMAP 78sc is probably the best marine handheld device made by Garmin, particularly for its bright screen, which outperforms any touch screen in the bright conditions on the water. It has an awesome user interface and its Page Ribbon feature has clear advantages. Not to mention the Garmin Custom Maps and Birds-Eye Aerial Imagery utilization and paperless caching that the device offers. Garmin has a clear winner with the GPSMAP 78sc.

GPSMAP 78sc Reviews


In the GPSMAP 78sc Reviews the GPSMAP 78sc is a very large device, with its 2.6” width, 0.4” wider than the 60CSx. It is similar in form to the 76CSx, for which it was intended to be a replacement. It provides for serial, i.e. 4-pin Garmin and MCX external antenna ports.

GPSMAP 78sc Reviews Software

Calendar Tool

The GPSMAP 78sc Reviews further say that the GPSMAP 78sc carries an upgrade to the Calendar tool. Other than presenting daily events including marked waypoints, logged tracks and geo-cache attempts, it displays a summary of the activities for the day, after selection of a particular day and a detailed list of these activities after pressing the <Enter> key. This feature will most benefit geocachers as they will be able to see their finds and total attempts for a given day and their attempts in their recorded order in the field notes.

Map Tool

The Map Page Measure Distance Tool of the GPSMAP 78sc is another welcome feature, according to the GPSMAP 78sc Reviews as it enables you to select a map location and measure its distance to any other arbitrary map location. This distance measurement is displayed on a line between the two selected points as well as in a pop-up window in the lower right hand corner of the device.

Proximity Alarms

The GPSMAP 78sc added proximity alarms that best benefit mariners, who rely on proximity alarms and marine alarms, e.g. anchor drag, off course. These proximity alarms set up audible and visual alerts when you are within a specified distance of a waypoint. Also, you get an alarm upon proximity ring exit. The proximity ring displays as red circles on the map page. The need for User POIs has been eliminated by the ability to add proximity radius to any waypoint and direct creation of proximity alarms on the device. The tone control of the GPSMAP 78sc is much more configurable with its ability to associate about 20 tones with different events.

Menu System

The GPSMAP 78sc menu system offers a day or night colour mode, which has an impact on the readability of the screen and menu colours. The GPSMAP 78sc reviews confirm that the zoom buttons of the GPSMAP 78sc can be used to jump a full page in a menu. These buttons will switch between keypads upon name entry.


GPSMAP 78sc Reviews Track Navigation

The GPSMAP 78sc Reviews state that the GPSMAP 78sc allows the selection of a track to navigate for which a route will be created. The route creation effects the automatic waypoint generation for the high and low elevation points, as well as start and finish points. Also, any user waypoints are added to the created route. The advantage of this device feature is its provision of an actual trail distance estimate.

Paperless Geo-caching

According to the GPSMAP 78sc Reviews the GPSMAP 78sc is designed for full paperless geo-caching support as it displays descriptions, logs and hints, and allows for attempt logging.

Wireless Data Transfer

The GPSMAP 78sc reviews further state that the GPSMAP 78sc has the capability for wireless data transfer with compatible Garmin devices. The transfer of waypoints, tracks, routes and geo-cache summaries, excluding paperless caching details, is possible with this device.

GPSMAP 78sc Reviews Management Tools


The GPSMAP 78sc has the ability to project a waypoint and an average location. It can set proximity alerts and reposition a waypoint at current position according to the GPSMAP 78sc Reviews.


The GPSMAP 78sc allows you to hide or show multiple map tracks and view an elevation point. It also permits you to give tracks and points a custom colour from a 17-colour selection. The changing of the colour of an active track is also allowed in the device. 


The GPSMAP 78sc offers map viewing of an entire route, route editing, route reversal and elevation plot viewing.

Free Maps

The GPSMAP 78sc Reviews affirm the huge number of free maps available for incorporation into the GPSMAP 78sc.

GPSMAP 78sc Reviews Accessories

A mini-USB port, an MCX external antenna connector and a serial 4-pin power point are available under the protective weather cap of the GPSMAP 78sc. A micro-SD slot is located inside the battery compartment of the device for additional map and data storage.

GPSMAP 78sc Reviews Performance

GPSMAP 78sc Reviews said that the GPSMAP 78sc offers very impressive track logs. It presents an accurate maximum track log separation measurement, i.e. the distance between tracks recorded by its going up in comparison to its going down. However, inaccuracies have recorded for the GPSMAP 78sc in terms of elevation gain reporting. Also, the device does not lock into WAAS at any time.

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