GPSMAP 78sc review says GPSMAP 78sc is the 2nd Major Update to the Garmin GPSMAP line

GPSMAP 78sc Review

The GPSMAP 78sc review says the GPSMAP 78sc brings the second major update to the Garmin GPSMAP handheld line of devices. Garmin has incorporated the best features of its 60/76 models with the advantages of its Oregon line in the GPSMAP 78sc.

GPSMAP 78sc review

In the GPSMAP 78sc review the GPSMAP 78sc adds the pre-loaded marine charts for the U.S. coastal waters to the wireless data sharing and transfer, barometric altimeter and tri-axial electronic compass of the GPSMAP 78s. According to the GPSMAP 78sc review Other features available in both models include Garmin Custom Maps and Birds-Eye Aerial Imagery utilization, new customization options, advanced track navigation and paperless geo-caching.

Screen Display

The GPSMAP 78sc review further says the GPSMAP 78sc reflected less light back to the user with its transflective TFT screen, which also offers greater pixel density. Its screen resolution, set at 160 pixels x 240 pixels, maintains the bright screen found on the 60/76 series. The screen size of the GPSMAP 78sc is set at 1.6” x 2.2”. It offers an increased range of displayed colours set at 65,000. The result is a bright display, with much better visibility in a wide range of conditions but with a lower resolution.

User Interface

According to the GPSMAP 78sc review the GPSMAP 78sc interface offers a quicker navigation through the main menu items. It offers 2 options in the menu item presentation, i.e. classic or list.

Upon pressing the Page or Quit buttons, a Page Ribbon menu appears. The Page and Quit buttons advance through menu pages in forward and backward order, respectively.

In he GPSMAP 78sc review the Page Ribbon menu items appear in sequence on the next screen. The screen automatically opens after a second or two. You can press the Enter key to go to the screen right away, or you can continue pressing the Page or Quit button to advance to the other pages in the sequence. When you stop on one page, it will automatically open to the next screen. You can actually customize the Page Ribbon items as well as their sequence. You can also set the device to a classic styled menu and completely eliminate the Page Ribbon menu. The classic style menu comes pre-loaded in the GPSMAP 78sc according to the GPSMAP 78sc review.

GPSMAP 78sc review - Marine Features

The GPSMAP 78sc review states that the GPSMAP 78sc is lightweight at 7.7 ounces with batteries and bulky with its 2.6” x 6.0” x 1.2” dimensions. This physical attributes of the device most probably have been designed to assure that the device floats on water. The device accepts a wide range of Garmin inland and coastal charts.

Another marine feature of the GPSMAP 78sc is its Find button that doubles as a Man Overboard a.k.a. MOB, button. Holding this button down sets a waypoint and begins navigation to the waypoint. All the control buttons of the device are found above the screen, instead of being below accoding to the GPSMAP 78sc review.

Garmin Programs

The GPSMAP 78sc review confirms that the Garmin Custom Maps program allows the putting of almost any map on the GPSMAP 78sc while the Garmin Birds-Eye Aerial Imagery program allows the addition of aerial imagery into the device.

Tri-axial Compass

In the GPSMAP 78sc review the GPSMAP 78sc offers a tri-axial electronic compass that eliminates the necessity of holding the unit level during navigation. However, the calibration process now gets more complicated compared to that of a two-axis electronic compass. The compass requires recalibration upon battery change.

GPSMAP 78sc review – Customization

Page Sequence

The GPSMAP 78sc review concurs that you can customize the page sequence of the screen display of the GPSMAP 78sc by choosing Main Menu > Setup > Page Sequence. You can select which pages appear in the page sequence as well as the order in which they appear.


The GPSMAP 78sc comes with recreational, geo-caching, automotive, marine, fitness and classic profiles according to the GPSMAP 78sc review. You can change to your desired profile by going to Main Menu > Profile Change. You also have the option of creating a new profile by going to Main Menu > Setup > Profiles. After selection of New Profile, and giving a name to your new profile, all your menu and menu setting changes will be stored in your own created profile.

Data Fields

The GPSMAP 78sc allows you to change data fields on almost any screen that has data fields according to the GPSMAP 78sc review. The changing of data fields can be done by simply going to Menu > Change Data Fields.


In the GPSMAP 78sc review the GPSMAP 78sc also allows you to select a dashboard for the map, compass and trip computer screens. The choices available include automotive, stopwatch, small or large data field, recreational, compass, geo-caching and elevation plot. The choices presented depend upon the page accessed. The access to the compass and trip computer pages can be gained by going to Menu > Change Dashboard, while the access to the map screen is gained by going to Menu > Setup Map > Data Fields > Dashboard.

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