GPSMAP 78sc Garmin is the Perfect GPS device for any outdoor enthusiast

GPSMAP 78sc Garmin

The GPSMAP 78sc Garmin is a rugged, waterproof to IPX7 standards, floating handheld marine GPS. With its HotFix technology, it allows the quick acquisition of satellite reception even the most dense of areas. It features a bright sunlight viewable 2.6” LCD colour display, preloaded with the entire U.S. coastal mapping, including Alaska and Hawaii, as well as explorer chart detail for the Bahamas.

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GPSMAP 78sc Garmin

The GPSMAP 78sc Garmin is equipped with a built-in 3-axis tilt-compensated electronic compass, showing where you are heading even when standing still, and a barometric altimeter, pinpointing your precise altitude as well as track and plot changes in pressure to watch out for during changing weather conditions. Furthermore, the device is open to wireless sharing of waypoint routes and tracks with compatible Garmin devices.

The GPSMAP 78sc Garmin is more than just a marine unit with its micro-SD card slot, safely located inside its waterproof battery compartment. In addition, the device can utilize any of the numerous Garmin’s optional MapSource software, from City Navigator, for turn-by-turn road routing to Topo mapping, for terrain contours and topo elevations. It also accepts Birds-Eye Satellite Imagery for the provision of an unlimited amount of satellite and aerial imagery. The GPSMAP 78sc Garmin is the perfect unit for any outdoor enthusiast with its 2 AA batteries with almost 20 hours of battery life.


User Interface of GPSMAP 78sc Garmin

The GPSMAP 78sc Garmin allows the re-ordering of what you prefer to appear first in the Main Menu by moving items up or down. It allows the selection between 6 menu profiles. The GPSMAP 78sc Garmin uses a keyboard for data input. The data entry is slower compared with a touch screen device but keyboard improvements have been installed. The various installed maps can be either enabled or disabled at any one time.


Screen Display of GPSMAP 78sc Garmin

The dashboard feature of the GPSMAP 78sc Garmin is on the compass, map and trip computer page. The elevation plot page of the device is an out-and-back drive, symmetrical around the highest point. It allows the selection of a particular spot on the plot. To see the exact spot location on the map can be accomplished by the pressing of the <Enter> key.

The GPSMAP 78sc Garmin allows the multi-colour display of the satellite pages. This page also provides the use of the AutoLocate feature of the device, which re-acquires the almanac data that helps when you have travelled more than 600 miles.

The custom map of the GPSMAP 78sc Garmin is made from a USGS 1:24,000 DRG map. It also has a Worldwide DEM Base map.


Wireless Data Transfer of GPSMAP 78sc Garmin


The Wireless Data Transfer of the GPSMAP 78sc Garmin is the new ANT+ technology, operating in the 2.4 GHz industrial band. ANT defines ultra low power as an average current of micro amps, as low as 5 uA for ANT devices, and peak current within the coin cell specification.

ANT devices support up to 8 multiple independent ANT channels, where any channel can operate as a master or slave on a given node. Message relay from node to node becomes easy. There is no requirement for a coordinator or network level master for complex topology accomplishment. A moderate crystal suffices as there is no precise timing synchronization requirement for ANT network establishment.


Computer Interface of GPSMAP 78sc Garmin


The GPSMAP 78sc Garmin requires a copy of the Garmin BaseCamp software to be obtained for a complete waypoint and track management.

GPSMAP 78sc Garmin Waypoints

Waypoints can be directly uploaded to the GPSMAP 78sc Garmin from the Garmi MapSource software but they cannot be downloaded from the device to MS. Waypoints can be imported from .gdb or.gpx files into the Garmin BaseCamp software and then copied to the list of the device.

Any waypoint deletion in the Garmin BaseCamp software automatically renders the deletion of the waypoint from the list of the device. Waypoints, as well as tracks, can be edited in the bottom Properties panel of the device.

The deletion of all waypoints can be accomplished by going to Main Menu > Waypoint Manager, pressing the <Enter> key, Menu > Delete All. The deletion of a single waypoint can only be done through the Garmin BaseCamp software.


GPSMAP 78sc Garmin Tracks

The current tracks inside the GPSMAP 78sc Garmin are displayed by the Garmin BaseCamp software when the software is plugged in to the device. Any track selection can be edited in the bottom Properties panel of the device.

The highlighting of a track segment in the bottom panel changes the track colour to orange in the Properties page, indicating that the track is subject to deletion. The track profile is also available in the bottom panel.

The deletion of a single track can be accomplished by going to the Main Menu > Track Manager.


Other Features of GPSMAP 78sc Garmin

The Measure Distance feature of the GPSMAP 78sc Garmin has the ability to measure distance to a map location. The Clear List on Recent Finds feature does not require a master reset.

The Proximity Alarms feature sets an alarm when you approach or depart a specific waypoint, with the distance set by the user. The Night View feature allows for a dark background that is not so bright for night use. This can be manually switched on or automatically set at sunrise and sunset. This feature disables terrain shading.

The Auto Locate feature allows the resetting of the GPS almanac data for a fresh signal location on the satellite menu page. This is normally done if the device has been set off for a long time or the user has travelled a long distance. The Calendar feature logs geo-cache finds, waypoints marked and tracks save.Try GPSMAP 78sc Garmin no!

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