Garmin GSPMAP 78sc review says the GSPMAP 78sc is the newest Garmin handheld fully functional marine device

Garmin GSPMAP 78sc Review

The Garmin GSPMAP 78sc Review says that the GSPMAP 78sc is the newest handheld in the outdoor GPS line of Garmin. It is a fully functional device meant for marine trips, with no need for serious software fixes. No software crashes or bugs have been experienced in the use of the device. It includes the Garmin Custom Maps.

Garmin GPSMAP  Models

The Garmin line of handheld GPS consists of 3 models, the GSPMAP 78 with a coloured screen, the GSPMAP 78s with added features of a barometric altimeter, electronic tri-axial compass, micro-SD card slot and wireless data transfer and the GSPMAP 78sc with built-in Blue Chart g2 coastal charts according to the Garmin GSPMAP 78sc Review.

Garmin GSPMAP 78sc review

Physical Features

The Garmin GSPMAP 78sc Review affirms that the GSPMAP 78sc weighs 8.2 ounces with a 20-hour battery life using NiMH or Lithium batteries, a 17-hour battery life using alkaline batteries and an estimated 30-hour battery life using NiMH rechargeable batteries.

The GPSMAP 78sc has a 1.7 GB built-in memory for maps and imagery files. Its USB port, along withs MCX external antenna connector, is located under the rubber protector that is above the battery case according to the Garmin GSPMAP 78sc Review.

The GPSMAP 78sc uses a patch antenna as the horizontal handling of the unit results to the best reception. According to the Garmin GSPMAP 78sc Review it has a USB, a serial and an external GPS antenna jack, under protective cover and located above its mounting spine.

In the Garmin GSPMAP 78sc Review its smaller screen provides better backlight visibility with a lower resolution and appears to be more rugged and durable compared to recent outdoor touch screens. It presents data in a larger font setting but shows less of a map because of its smaller screen. A negative feature of the screen is its terrain shading feature. The screen appears very dark in steep terrain, particularly in a forest-type area. This feature, though, can be switched off when the display appears too dark.

The GSPMAP 78sc does not have a built-in camera, but instead supports geo-tagged photos that can be loaded to its memory, with photo navigation ability. There is no dedicated picture viewer either, although you can see the screen photos during navigation, but cannot zoom in or pan the photos according to the Garmin GSPMAP 78sc Review.

Garmin GSPMAP 78sc Review – Wireless Data Transfer

The Garmin GSPMAP 78sc Review further says that the GSPMAP 78sc allows wireless data transfer of waypoints, routes, tracks and geo-caches between Garmin handhelds. This wireless data transmission is achieved from 10 to 20 feet between units, depending on the unit orientation, the greatest range obtainable with the horizontal handling of the units.

The waypoints, tracks, routes and geo-caches are handled as .gpx files. The management of these files are done with the free Garmin BaseCamp software. The changes incorporated in the file using the BaseCamp software are automatically incorporated in the file copy in the device according to the Garmin GSPMAP 78sc Review.

Birds-Eye Imagery

The Garmin GSPMAP 78sc Review states that the GSPMAP 78sc has the ability to add aerial imagery, marketed as Birds-Eye Imagery by Garmin, to the maps of the device. However, the Birds-Eye images seem to be of inferior quality when compared to the images from Google Earth, Microsoft MSR Maps or TerraServer.

Digital Elevation Model

The Garmin GSPMAP 78sc Review further states that the GSPMAP 78sc comes with the Worldwide Digital Elevation Model a.k.a. DEM, Base Map providing terrain shading.

DEM is a digital representation of a ground surface elevation. It can be represented as a square grid or as a triangular irregular network. It is commonly built with the use of remote sensing techniques, but can also be built from land surveying. It is often used in geographic information systems. It is the most common basis for digitally-produced relief maps. The interpolation of DEM elevation grid data allows GPS maps to display elevation contour lines according to Garmin GSPMAP 78sc Review.

Marine Unit

The Garmin GSPMAP 78sc Review confirms that the GSPMAP 78sc is classified as a marine unit, having tide tables. The selection of the electronic compass and barometer sensors and built-in Blue Chart g2 Coastal Charts are enabled in this device. The device becomes a mass storage unit when connected to a computer, thus, is unable to output position data through its USB port. It has an NMEA serial output, with two modes, i.e. Autopilot Mode On or Off, allowing access to the nRoute system. It also has an NMEA serial connector.

Garmin GSPMAP 78sc Review – Accuracy

The Garmin GSPMAP 78sc Review asserts that the GSPMAP 78sc has WAAS accuracy within 2 meters after a waypoint over a 1st order survey marker average. It has a compass accuracy within 1 degree with a 3-axis calibration and a True set heading.

The GSPMAP 78sc only records barometric pressure when turned on, giving a less valuable barometer plot.

Satellite Acquisition

The Garmin GSPMAP 78sc Review concurs that the GSPMAP 78sc is a high-sensitive receiver, with a good reception and a quick satellite fix re-acquisition. It features paperless geo-caching and support geo-caching field notes as well.

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